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(line) This section contains updates for existing Harvest TraceMaster installations

If you need further assistance with use of any of these files, please contact support on 0421 416 786 or at support@dharpa.com

Harvest TraceMaster Software Updates

  Size Version Release Date

Microsoft KB2687441 Update - Patch 1.0 Mb - 17 Aug 2012
fixes the following issues, caused by Microsoft update released approx 9 Sep 2012.
 - mouse not working in main menu
 - various error messages when logging in, preventing access to the main menu
APPLY THIS PATCH ONLY IF EXPERIENCING THE ABOVE PROBLEMS (you should also apply the latest Packer v4 Update below)

Packer v4 Update 15.4 Mb v 4.249n 16 Apr 2024

Tracemaster PDE Software Update 0.99 Mb v 246c 23 Sep 2018
Symbol MC3090 Wavelink Client for Windows CE 5 1.2 Mb v 5.41 21 Sep 2012
Symbol MC3090 Wavelink Client for Windows CE 4.2 0.6 Mb v 5.30 21 Sep 2012

Compact Tracemaster Install (database server not included) 95 Mb - 19 Sep 2012
Backup and Restore Database Management Tool 100 kb - 5 Nov 2012

Identifying your software version

Look for the 'Client Version' number at the top right hand side of the main menu. The number is the current update level of your software. The letters are a code which identifies the product type as follows :

 Code Product Comments
CD, GP+ or CP+ Packer Plus May be registered as Grower/Packer (GP) or Central Packer(CP)
GP, CP Packer May be registered as Grower/Packer (GP) or Central Packer(CP)
SM Sales Manager  
WH Wholesaler  

Manuals and Utility Files

Note: these tools and manuals are installed when Harvest Tracemaster is installed. Please go to Start > Programs > Harvest Tracemaster to access them. Updates are released here.

Item Size Version Release Date

User Manual 6.3 Mb v 3.02 17 Mar 2002
  The Harvest Tracemaster packhouse software user manual (Adobe PDF format)
  If the file doesn't open, you may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

HTM Database Troubleshooter 0.2 Mb v 1.2 3 June 2002

HTM SQL Troubleshooter 0.2 Mb v 1.2 28 August 2002
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