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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

A free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of developments in Harvest Tracemaster and E-Tracemaster.

By Horticulture Software Solutions (HSS)

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Table of contents:

1. Need help? Get it from Tracemaster Support
2. Harvest Tracemaster Upgrade now available
3. E-tracemaster demo now online
4. Latest Event: 2002 Mango Conference
5. Contributions from readers
6. FAQ's
7. What's coming up next...


1. Need Help? Get it from Tracemaster Support

We would like to introduce Monty to the HSS team...
Monty has been involved in the IT industry for many years and operates her own computer sales and support business. She also manages other high volume websites with customer support and communication. Monty is well qualified to provide customer support and direct any technical support issues to the appropriate person. She is based in Katherine NT and will be working closely with Ben and Ian to ensure the highest standards of software support are maintained, and also provide a personalised service with our HTM users to meet the continuing development needs of the program.

Please note our new National Support number (local call charge).

# 0421 416 786

You can also email Monty at support@dharpa.com All email correspondence is responded to within 24 hours.


2. Harvest TraceMaster Upgrade Now Available For Download

Upgrade v3.24 is now available for download from the website. Harvest Tracemaster is constantly being upgraded to improve the product and add new features. If you have any problems or questions, please email Monty at support@dharpa.com

Download the update from here: http://www.dharpa.com/htm/7_downloads.html


3. E-TraceMaster Demo Now Online

We are excited to announce that the first commercial release of the e-tracemaster on-line software. E-Tracemaster Supply Chain Management is a website designed to allow growers and agents to interact with the packhouse software. The software is a pilot project to allow central pack houses to report their pack out, sales and payments information to their grower suppliers on line. The grower supplying the central pack house can obtain a registration license, which allows the growers to simply log in and view and print their own information from the central server. This provides many benefits to both grower and packer by eliminating time-wasting faxes, as well as historic records in a data base for future reference at the discretion of the grower. Another innovation is the ability of agents to now log in and enter the sales information on line which is then available to growers and packers alike. Check out the demonstration at http://www.dharpa.com/htm/9_etracemaster_login.html (note: username and password not required for the demo). If you have any questions or suggestions, please email support@dharpa.com


4. Latest Event: 2002 Mango Conference

Horticulture Software Solutions (HSS) were one of this year's Gold Sponsors for the Australian Mango Industry Association's Annual Conference, held in Darwin. 250 delegates attended consisting of Growers, Retailers from Australia and Asia, International Supermarkets and other Industry bodies. With the busiest booth HSS received strong interest and endorsement of the current and future developments of the software.


5. Contributions from Readers

We invite all Agents and Readers to contribute stories and information that may be of interest to readers of the Tracemaster Newsletter. Email to support@dharpa.com


6. FAQ's

Your questions answered.....
We invite you to email us with any questions, problems or suggestions. Responses are published for all readers in the newsletter and on the website. Send to Monty at support@dharpa.com


7. What's coming up next....

What is featuring in the next newsletter?

a) Data Recording Devices:

Enter data directly into Harvest Tracemaster with hand-held recorders. For pallet entry, consignment, transport, manifest reconciliation.

b) E-Forms:

Electronic forms design, automation and data collection from Formatta.







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