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Training Resources

User Manual

A Harvest TraceMaster User Manual and instructor's Training Manual are available on the downloads page. The user manual is also installed with the HTM CD. To open the manual, go Start > Programs > Harvest TraceMaster > Manual. (Note: if your operating system hides start menu items which have not been recently accessed, you may need to click the down arrow at the bottom of the menu to get a full list of menu items) The file is a PDF format. If you do not have PDF reader, get it here or on the downloads page

Audio Visual Training

The following tutorial takes the user through the basics of day to day use of the Harvest TraceMaster pack house management software. It is recommended to access these training tutorials using the Harvest TraceMaster Install CD as they are large files to download. Insert the HTM CD and choose the on line training tutorials on the contents page of the CD.

We recommend clicking here to download Camtasia Player for best playback. (Read about Camtasia Player)

(Open the ZIP file, then read the text files and double click the Camplay.exe file to set up. If you don't have Winzip to unzip this file, it is available from here)


Section 1 - Introduction and basics

  • log in to Harvest TraceMaster
  • the main menu
  • editing procedures

  Show HTM Online Tutorial Section 1


Section 2 - Receive Raw Produce

  • enter docket information
  • group produce into batches for grading/sorting
  • !! a batch may contain product from a single variety, grower and block only !!

  Show HTM Online Tutorial Section 2


Section 3 - Enter Pallet Tallies

  • add packed produce from a batch to a pallet
  • number pallet, print pallet card
  • deal with part pallets
  • modify completed pallets

  Show HTM Online Tutorial Section 3


Section 4 - Create Consignment

  • view stock on hand
  • filter stock on hand
  • create consignment, assign agent and transport company
  • add pallets to consignment
  • send consignment
  • print consignment paperwork for agent

  Show HTM Online Tutorial Section 4


Section 5 - Receive Sales Advice

  • enter agent sales advice
  • enter agent payment
  • print reconciliation and grower tax invoice

  Show HTM Online Tutorial Section 5


Section 6 - Print Packout Reports

  • enter agent sales advice
  • enter agent payment
  • print reconciliation and grower tax invoice

  Show HTM Online Tutorial Section 6

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